10/24: Wooley, Lytton w/ Swanson - NEW DATE

The date for this show is now FRIDAY, October 24th.

at Worksound
820 SE Alder
Brought to you by the Creative Music Guild

$10 general / $8 members and students

Lytton/Wooley Duo
Paul Lytton (drums, percussion, electronics) - legendary London improviser
Nate Wooley (trumpet) - Oregon born, and now an established NYC improviser http://www.natewooley.com/

The duo will be joined in the second set with local guest Pete Swanson (electronics/tape) - of Portland's acclaimed Yellows Swans http://www.jyrk.com/yellowswans/media.htm

about the Duo:

Two musicians of different backgrounds share passion for improvisation and redefining their instruments.

Genres are meant to be bent. That's what legendary British percussionist, Paul Lytton and New York trumpeter Nate Wooley believe. The two musicians, from seemingly different backgrounds and musical circles met up in 2006 to record their eponymous debut LP for Detroit's Broken Research Records.

Paul Lytton, known primarily in the US as the drummer for the ground breaking Evan Parker Trio, has been forging new ground as a free jazz percussionist, electronicist, and maker of instruments (for example, the lyttonophone) for almost 40 years. Along with Paul Lovens, Tony Oxley, and John Stevens, he is firmly entrenched in the British tradition of experimental improvisers who have gone beyond the jazz tradition to deal with a new way of improvising. Over the years, he has played with such improvising luminaries as Parker, Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell, and Ken Vandermark.

Nate Wooley is a relative newcomer to improvised music circles, breaking into that public's consciousness with his solo recording, "wrong shape to be a storyteller" (Creative Sources Recordings) two years ago. Growing up in a small fishing town in Oregon, Nate got a solid jazz education from his father in a northwest coast dance band, but eschewed the tradition of jazz trumpet to concentrate on extreme sound, touring and recording with such hard noise and rock groups as Melee, Graveyards, and Akron/Family. He is currently working in New York with everyone from Drag City's David Grubbs to new music composer/bagpiper Matthew Welch.

The two met at a birthday concert for experimental jazz tubist, Carl Ludwig Huebsch in Cologne, Germany last year. Wooley remembers, "The whole group was playing very quietly, lots of silence. I love that kind of playing, but really prefer a wide dynamic range. Out of the blue, there was this huge crash in the corner. I think Paul had thrown all his percussion on the ground, just to shake things up. I went nuts. I thought, 'this is a real improviser'."

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