2/28/12: The Rich Halley 4

The Rich Halley 4, with Rich on tenor sax, Los Angeles trombonist Michael Vlatkovich, Canadian bassist Clyde Reed and drummer Carson Halley will perform on Saturday, February 25 at 9:00 PM at The Camellia Lounge, 510
NW 11th Ave. Cover is $5.

2/27/12: Portland Eye and Ear

Recess Gallery
1127 SE 10th ave

Join us for the second installment of Portland Eye and Ear, a monthly experiment presenting a series of abbreviated small group improvisations.


Alieta Train
Ben Kates
Cyrus Lampton
Dane Overton
Wyatt Schaffner
Michael Griffith
Michael McManus
Nick Makanna
Matt Shandorf
Nick Arms
Christine Denkewalter
Jonathan Russell 
Matt Doyle

and surprise guests. 

$2 (sliding scale)

2/23/12: Wally Shoup & John Niekrasz

Wally Shoup
John Niekrasz
Laughing Horse Books - 12 NE 10th AVe
Shoup will read from his new book and play a duo with Niekrasz

Renowned Seattle free-jazz saxophonist Wally Shoup is celebrating the publication of his first book, Music As Adventure, a collection of writings from 1989 to 2009 dealing mostly about “the practice and implication of freely improvised music,” according to Shoup. He adds that the book also contains essays on “influential musicians, film noir, punk vs free jazz,” as well as philosophical observations and some poetry. Shoup will read from Music As Adventure and then play a brief duo set with drummer John Niekrasz

2/18/12: Stratic, Thicket & Ben Kamen

Piano Fort (1715 SE Spokane, Portland)

Stratic is taking a trip to the Northwest to share our music with the good people there! For our Portland debut, we'll be joined by Thicket, a trio of great local improvisers. Also on the bill with us is the one and only Ben Kamen, an amazing songwriter based in Olympia, WA. Below are links to the bands and some brief descriptions.

Stratic is an improvising trio based in Oakland, CA. The group is made up of Aram Shelton (saxophone and processing), Michael Coleman (keyboards and electronics) and Alex Vittum (percussion). The trio's approach to improvising combines elements of free jazz, post-rock and noise music. Through the use of acoustic instruments and electronics, the music treads the line between more traditional improvised music and some sort of futuristic soundscape.

Thicket is comprised of Ben Kates, John Niekrasz and Brian Mumford.

Ben Kamen

2/18/12: Better Homes & Gardens at PDX Jazz Fest

Better Homes and Gardens @ Portland Jazz Festival:

Better Homes and Gardens (the band, not the magazine) will be performing this year at the Portland Jazz Festival.  Better Homes and Gardens is made up of Tim DuRoche on drums, Jon Shaw on bass, Joe Cunningham on tenor sax, and Reed Wallsmith on alto sax.  BHAG has been performing since 2007, originally in an all-improvised context, with a different bass player (Bob Jones).  A year ago, Joe and Reed took it upon themselves to compose an entire album's worth of music for the group, and present it to Tim inside a giant box with a bow on his front porch for his birthday.  They've debuted the material in several venues and house shows, and are excited to present it at the festival this year.  They'll be kicking off directly following Roy Haynes' festival gig.

Better Homes and Gardens
Saturday, February 18
Portland Jazz Festival @ Art Bar at PCPA (1111 SW Broadway, Portland)
9:30 p.m.
Free to the Public
All Ages.

2/15/12: Outset Series w/ MSHR & Rich Halley/Carson Halley Duo

2/15/12, 8pm, $5, Revival Drumshop, 1465 NE Prescott
MSHR - two members of Oregon Paining Society, Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper in a side project of rigorous audiovisual delights. www.MSHR.info

Rich Halley & Carson Halley Duo - Rich is the co-founder of the CMG and longtime Portland saxophone standout. Carson is both Rich's son and regular drummer. An improvising duo not to be missed. www.richhalley.com

The Outset Series is our new bi-monthly (on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays) concert series featuring local avant-garde musicians.

We ask for only $5 at the door. Revival Drum Shop is our partner in this series and a strong supporter of this music, they do not take a cut from the door. This means we give 100% of the door to the musicians. It's been a true pleasure for us to be able to pay the excellent musicians who have already played the series.

The show start at 8 and ends by 10, but don't be late - there are only two sets and we start on time. Third, Tiga is right next door so you can enjoy a beverage in one of Portland's finest drinking establishments during intermission.

2/11/12: Krausbauer/Moth/Brown/Saltorchard

This Saturday, February 11th, 9pm

LIghtbox Kulturhaus is pleased to present

an evening of loudness, experimental sounds and invisible vibrations

John Krausbauer


2027 ne mlk in the same building as Tiny's Coffee shop. Enter thru the glass doors and go down the hall.

John Krausbauer is a composer/improvisor, who lives and works in San Francisco.
He has performed in various contexts/groups and in a multitude of performance spaces/settings/situations for the last 15 years. Recordings of his work have been released by numerous independent recording labels.

Tim Alexander is a founding member of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
“Warm Spam” is a coalescence of found words, images, and sounds inspired by the absurdist aesthetic present in the messages themselves. From the periphery of our awareness they transform us.

Brown began as the collaborative audio-visual project of Ian Watson and Jeremy C. Long. Brown is now the solo project of Jeremy C. Long. The goal of Brown is to create lush soundscapes and microtonal drones. A wide range of instruments have been utilized for the music, including turntables, keyboard, guitar, bass, violin and bowed percussion. Currently the focus and inspiration is simplified drone and minimalism created with electronic instruments and effects. Brown's debut LP "Lepidoptera" was recently released on Anarchymoon Recordings in January of 2011.

Saltorchard is the product of a long-running collaboration between drummer and sound designer William Holloway and vocalist Karin B. Lehman. The duet makes music that is based in the exploration of the relationship between architectural space, acoustic instruments, and a massive sound reinforcement system. Currently, Saltorchard plays site-specific pieces composed of sustained polytonal drones generated by the ambient frequencies and resonances of specific rooms. Expect unnerving harmonies, haunting vocals, and loudness.