1/30/09: Treasure Mammal, Theriault/Niekrasz, Spirit Duplicator

Treasure Mammal (Phoenix)
Doug Theriault + John Niekrasz duet
Spirit Duplicator

January 30th, 8 pm in the Reed College Student Union, $5

1/22/09: Karman, Adams, Jenkins

PDX New Music Society presents:
Jan 22nd (thursday)
@ Enterbeing
at 8pm


Peter Karman: Computer Music
Drew Adams (and guests): Composer/ensemble performance
J.P. Jenkins: lovely soloness.

1/13/09: The Naked Future, Dead Western, Oregon Artificial Limb Co.

The Naked Future
Dead Western
Oregon Artificial Limb Co

Tues. Jan. 13th
9pm. Donation.

232 SW Ankeny

1/4/09: Zimmerman/Swanagon and Theriault

January 4th, 9:15pm

$5 to 15 dollar donation for traveling musicians.

Bamboo Grove Salon
134 SE Taylor St. Portland, OR 97214
(on 2nd street between taylor and salmon)


Jacob Zimmerman (alto sax) Oakland Jameson Swanagon (guitar) San Francisco duo

Doug Theriault: solo guitar and electronics (pdx)

1/5: Daniel Higgs, The Naked Future

Daniel Higgs (ex-LUNGFISH)
The Naked Future

at 229 Shaver (Shaver & Vancouver)
Saturday January 3rd
please bring donation for Daniel