9/29: Oregon Artificial Limb Company

September 29
8 PM
Waypost: 3120 N. Williams Ave

Oregon Artificial Limb Company
  • Kelvin Pittman - Alto and Tenor saxophones

  • Bob Jones - Acoustic and electric Bass, electric guitar

  • Heather Vergotis - Alto and Tenor Saxophones

  • Mark Kaylor - Drums

9/23: Derek Johnson & Arrington de Dionyso

Sunday, September 23rd at 3pm
Derek M. Johnson
Arrington de Dionyso

The Waypost: 3120 N Williams Ave

9/1: Presents

PRESENTS (duets for guitar: asa gervich + JP Jenkins)

Date/Time: Saturday September 1, 2007
Time: 8:00am - 9:00am
Entry Type: Appointment
Location: Cinema Project outdoor screening - Artemesia
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8/28: Freebox at the Waypost

August 28
The Waypost (3120 N Williams Ave, 503-367-3182)
Mudbow (formerly Freebox) (JP Jenkins, Asa, Shane)
Doug Haining

8 PM

8/22: Gervich, Jenkins, Reynolds, Barnes


Jace Gace 2045 SE Belmont St Portland, Or

Gregory Reynolds (NYC) - saxophone
Jean-Paul Jenkins - guitars
David Barnes (Chicago) - electronics
Mark E. Kaylor - drums, percussion
Asa Gervich - drums, percussion

8/21: Improv at Valentines

Tuesday August twenty first at nine pm
at Valentines-232 SW Ankeny

JP Jenkins and Gregory Reynolds guitar and sax duets...
Asa Gervich, Johnathan Sielaff and Arrington DeDionysio drums and clarinets trio

A night of improvised music from some of Portlands finest and visiting sax champion; Gregory Reynolds. Gregory lives in Brooklyn and plays the saxophone (an alto) with stuff in the end of it sometimes. He sounds like a computer alot of the time. He can also circular breathe which means he can keep making sound for minutes at a time without taking a breath. That makes him really sound like a computer. I really like playing with him because he makes me look like I know what I am doing. That takes real talent. He has played with tons of other people besides me and they like his playing too. Or at least they say they do on the internet. He is really nice and we talk about tea and philosophy when we hang out. I think that probably has some bearing on the music we play together but as for what that is, your guess is as good as mine. We have done a few duets in the past and both enjoy them so on tuesday we will do some more because he will be in town for a few days.
The other group is 3 guys from Portland you might know from seeing in your neighborhood. They will play drums and 2 bass clarinets. If you have never heard a bass clarinet or even if you have you might be surprised at the sounds that get made. Both Arrington and Jonathan have been playing for a long time and that means they have alot of ideas about how to make interesting sounds come out of their horns. The best thing about this show for me is going to be how different each one of them plays the same instrument. Arrington is usually into textures and sound shapes and Jonathan seems to be more into note patterns and sometimes repetition. Often they each do something that is not their usual though, so it may become hard to tell who is playing what. Asa is always a ball of energy. I like his playing alot because he listens very well and gives people alot of ideas to improvise off of. I think this trio will be alot of fun to listen to.

8/19: No West Festival

From their website:

August 19TH - PORTLAND - Portland Art Center - 7PM

NO WEST is a music festival dedicated to developing the fast-growing community of Northwest improvisers. This year, NO WEST is proud to present 35 improvisers from the NW and beyond. Artists from Vancouver B.C., Portland, Bellingham, Olympia, Seattle, NYC, California & Tokyo will perform in Seattle & Portland. This year No West will also be opening its doors to improvisers working in the fields of dance and poetry.

The festival is designed to present improvised music in both informal and formal settings. Each city will host a semi-private daytime show at a player's home, followed by an evening performance at a public venue. This provides an enriching opportunity for both improvisers and the communtiy. Started in 2005, NO WEST has presented many Northwest musicians in the field of improvised music. Festival organizers have included Gust Burns, Bryan Eubanks, Jonathan Sielaff & Jason E Anderson.


8/25: Oregon Artificial Limb Company at the Way Post

August 25th
the Way Post (3120 N Williams Ave, 503-367-3182)
Oregon Artificial Limb Company:
  • Heather Vergotis - Alto and Tenor Saxophones, Ass-Saving, Inspiration

  • Mark Kaylor - Drumbs, hidden moves, gravity, light, propulsion

  • Bob Jones - Acoustic and electric Bass, electric guitar, secret weapon

  • Kelvin Pittman - Alto and Tenor saxophones, casio, absurdity, ambiguity, ambivalence

w/ Shake Speak


8/14: Jen Baker, Liz Allbee Duo, DuRoche/Sielaff/Kaylor trio

Tuesday @ Valentines,
two folks in from the Bay area, Jen Baker plays trombone and Liz Allbee plays trumpet etc

also playing are Tim DuRoche/Jonathan Sielaff/Mark Kaylor in trio format drums/clarinets/sousphone

Valentines 9 oclockish

8/15: House show

Jen Baker and Liz Allbee Duo.
Thee Oregon Artificial Limb Co
Whitney Wolf
Heather Vergotis/Sage Roselius duo

3926 N. Michigan , in between Shaver and Failing, starts at 7 on Wed. the 15th

show will be over early