7/21/10: Pittman, Jenkins and Hayleck/Wilcox/Neidhardt trio

3 sets at the Wail:

Kelvin Pittman- Solo Sax
JP Jenkins- Solo Guitar
a trio of Andy Hayleck, Tyler Wilcox, Paul Neidhardt

show at 7pm $6 sugg donation for performers


Andrew Hayleck

Andrew Hayleck is an electro-acoustic musician who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He uses a Paia modular synthesizer, contact microphone, mixer, and two raw speakers in improvisation, utilizing the feedback and resonance characteristics of a variety of materials. He is presently building a camera obscura and documenting the slow changes of light within. Recordings include: "Two Gong/Wire Pieces" (Ehse), "Gong/Wire" (Earlids), "Various Recordings Involving Ice" (HereSee), and "The Disappearing Floor" (Recorded).

Born in 1979 in silver spring maryland, raised in and around baltimore. Began composing glacial drone based tape music in 2001. Switched to reeds in 2003 with a desire to embody fleeting sound phenomena. Moved to Washington state in 2005 to experience wild nature in the cascades. Experiencing true silence and the white noise of nature slowed and opened his music. Current collaborators Gust Burns, Jeffrey Allport, Kelvin PIttman, Paul Neidhardt, Mara Sedlins, Wilson Shook, and Mark collins.

Paul Neidhardt

From Baltimore-percussion, friction Baltimore's Paul Neidhardt is one of the countries most astonishing new music percussionists. A trained, highly disciplined player with a flair for complex textural sound produced by friction, Neidhardt's approach to improvising covers the majority of the terrain explored by the explosive side of European free music and subtle textural players like Sean Meehan and Jason Kahn, while retaining a freshness and flexibility of purpose all his own. His background playing rock and African music adds a potential for propulsive intesnivty to his playing not usually found in players so skilled in the arts of minimalist reductionism. Despite recovering from injuries that limited his time playing in recent years, he is a highly in-demand player, working with groups like Trokeneis, Death in the Maze, and Multiphonic Choir, as well as frequent collaborations with Jack Wright. He is currently a member of the Red Room collective and High Zero Foundation.

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