4/30 - David Rafin & JP Jenkins (Sustentacula)

Wednesday, 4/30
6212 N. Commercial Ave
Show starts at 8 so it can end at 10.

Sustentacula is JP Jenkins & David Rafin.

Show is free but donations to the musicians welcome.

4/26 & 27/08 - Chiesa & Werchowski

April 26th, Saturday
David Chiesa & Mathieu Werchowski w/
Tyler Wilcox, Jonathan Sielaff, Kelvin Pittman, Bob Jones 4tet
@ Reed College chapel

Sunday, April 27
David Chiesa & Mathieu Werchowski
w/ Seth Nehil, Matthew Marble, Asa Gervich, Jonathan Sielaff @ Gallery Homeland
7 PM


4/20: Marshall Allen

Vollum Lecture Hall at Reed College
8 PM

Cinema Soloriens w/
Marshall Allen
James Harrar
Matt Hannafin
Adam Reese

The show will be called Cinema Soloriens and the Cosmo-Drama, and will be comprised of the films of James Harrar accompanied by musicians Marshall Allen, James Harrar, Matt Hannafin and Adam Reese. James and Marshall have been working together for about 10 years. Matt and Adam will try and fit into their world. Marshall will be playing alto sax, flute, keyboards, and EVI (electrionic valve instrument,) among others, and James will also be playing a number of instruments, including koto, bamboo sax, and clarinet. Matt will be playing percussion and Adam will be playing electric bass.

4/13 - Hammer of Hathor, Why I Must Be Careful, Problems

April 13, 2008
Valentine's (232 SW Ankeny)
9 PM

Hammer of Hathor
Why I Must Be Careful

4/9/08: Fiasco & Scott Stobbe

Wednesday April 9th 8pm @ Jace Gace (2045 se belmont)

- free improv ensemble


"A Question For All Seasons"
accordion, violin, oboe, trombone, guitar and percussion
--composed by Scott Stobbe

Portland free improv ensemble currently known & unknown as Fiasco.
For over 2.5 years this innovative group has been evolving almost exclusively behind closed barn doors
They have performed at PNCA, live on KBOO
90.7 FM and as soloists, in duets and as members of other ensembles.
Core group:
Shane: multi-instrumentalist, harmolodic spoken word.
multi-instrumentalist, found & handmade objects du noiz, disc distorntionist.
Alejandro: multi-instrumentalist, king of the plastic keyboards.
Jerry: multi-instrumentalist, woodwind family mass murderer
Sound often described as "Worldwide harmolodic mayhem for dummies".

Scott Stobbe is a composition student at Portland State University. He plays improv with and composes music for various ensembles including
zdrastvootie. Scott loves music and muscles.


4/7/08: Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!, Better Homes & Gardens,

Monday, April 7, 2008
Valentine's (232 SW Ankeny)

Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! (first show with John back from India)
Better Homes & Gardens