2/23/09: Ninh, Theilke, Fageshinski, Doneda

Monday, February 23rd, 8pm
Gallery Homeland (in the Ford Building) 2505 SE 11th Ave (at Division,
parking lot and entry at the south end of the building)
donation (suggested $5 to $15, but everyone welcome)

four incredible european improvisers:

Lekuan Ninh
listen: http://www.lequanninh.net/?v=media&lang=en
watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skiLDE_AMlg

Michael Doneda

Kai Fageshinski | clarinet, composition
Michael Theilke | clarinet, composition
Kai Fageshinski (Los Glissandinos, The Magic I.D., etc.) and Michael
Theilke (Unununium, The Magic I.D., etc.) are members of Berlin's
vibrant echtzeitmusik scene. The International Nothing (*2000) is
their hardest working project of the last years. They are working
exclusively on compositions (no improv), where both instruments melt
into one sound, which sometimes sounds like more than two instruments
through the extended use of multiphonics and difference tones. Their
pieces have a delicate and slowed down quality and celebrate a unique
and timeless beauty. They will present a collection of pieces
developed between 2003 and 2009.

The International Nothing is kindly supported by Goethe-Institut San
Fransisco and Kulturverwaltung des Landes Berlin.

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