2/18/12: Stratic, Thicket & Ben Kamen

Piano Fort (1715 SE Spokane, Portland)

Stratic is taking a trip to the Northwest to share our music with the good people there! For our Portland debut, we'll be joined by Thicket, a trio of great local improvisers. Also on the bill with us is the one and only Ben Kamen, an amazing songwriter based in Olympia, WA. Below are links to the bands and some brief descriptions.

Stratic is an improvising trio based in Oakland, CA. The group is made up of Aram Shelton (saxophone and processing), Michael Coleman (keyboards and electronics) and Alex Vittum (percussion). The trio's approach to improvising combines elements of free jazz, post-rock and noise music. Through the use of acoustic instruments and electronics, the music treads the line between more traditional improvised music and some sort of futuristic soundscape.

Thicket is comprised of Ben Kates, John Niekrasz and Brian Mumford.

Ben Kamen

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