2/11/12: Krausbauer/Moth/Brown/Saltorchard

This Saturday, February 11th, 9pm

LIghtbox Kulturhaus is pleased to present

an evening of loudness, experimental sounds and invisible vibrations

John Krausbauer


2027 ne mlk in the same building as Tiny's Coffee shop. Enter thru the glass doors and go down the hall.

John Krausbauer is a composer/improvisor, who lives and works in San Francisco.
He has performed in various contexts/groups and in a multitude of performance spaces/settings/situations for the last 15 years. Recordings of his work have been released by numerous independent recording labels.

Tim Alexander is a founding member of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
“Warm Spam” is a coalescence of found words, images, and sounds inspired by the absurdist aesthetic present in the messages themselves. From the periphery of our awareness they transform us.

Brown began as the collaborative audio-visual project of Ian Watson and Jeremy C. Long. Brown is now the solo project of Jeremy C. Long. The goal of Brown is to create lush soundscapes and microtonal drones. A wide range of instruments have been utilized for the music, including turntables, keyboard, guitar, bass, violin and bowed percussion. Currently the focus and inspiration is simplified drone and minimalism created with electronic instruments and effects. Brown's debut LP "Lepidoptera" was recently released on Anarchymoon Recordings in January of 2011.

Saltorchard is the product of a long-running collaboration between drummer and sound designer William Holloway and vocalist Karin B. Lehman. The duet makes music that is based in the exploration of the relationship between architectural space, acoustic instruments, and a massive sound reinforcement system. Currently, Saltorchard plays site-specific pieces composed of sustained polytonal drones generated by the ambient frequencies and resonances of specific rooms. Expect unnerving harmonies, haunting vocals, and loudness.

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