1/10/09: Bhob Rainey and PDX Large Ensemle

The Creative Music Guild presents improviser, composer, saxophonist
and electronic musician Bhob Rainey.

When: 8 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 10
Where: The Wail, 5135 NE 42nd Ave., http://www.myspace.com/thewailinportland
Suggested donation: $7 general / $5 members & students

** This is an all ages show **

Rainey will be performing solo as well as leading a large ensemble
including many of Portland's finest improvisers and electronic
musicians including:
Gregg Skloff www.virb.com/greggskloff
John Savage www.johncsavage.com
Tyler Wilcox www.myspace.com/jackieblakesbirdsinthesky
Jef Brown www.myspace.com/jefleightonbrown
Peter Swanson www.rootstrata.com/rootblog/?p=280
Thomas Garcia www.myspace.com/drtomgarcia
Joel Pickard www.hatfarm.com
J Morales www.myspace.com/abusiveconsumer
JP Jenkins www.hellanow.blogspot.com
Ryan Stuewe www.myspace.com/ifsh
Mary Sue Tobin www.myspace.com/marysuetobin
Alyssa Reed www.myspace.com/eetpdx
John Niekrasz www.myspace.com/whyimustbecareful
Matt Carlson www.bucketfactory.com


Bhob Rainey > composer, saxophonist, electronic musician

Bhob Rainey's music has become a model in the world of experimental
sound. He is the founder of both nmperign (with trumpeter Greg
Kelley) and the BSC, which he also directs. Collaborations with
musicians such as Ralf Wehowsky, Le Quan Ninh, Gunter Mueller, and
Lionel Marchetti, dancers Nicole Bindler and Yukiko Nakamura, and
filmmakers Loren Boyer, Harvey Benschoter, and William Pisarri
highlight Rainey's broad experience and outline a complex body of work
that continues to expand and surprise. His music occupies a charged
space between synthetic and organic sound, bringing forth improbable
sensual and narrative experiences through virtuosic extended
techniques, homemade synths and sound processors, found recordings,
and a kind of living silence that is apt to wreak havoc with the
perception of time.

Recordings of Rainey's music have been released on labels such as
Selektion, Grob, Sedimental, Rossbin, Twisted Village, and Siwa. They
number in the dozens and have garnered a wealth of international
accolades. Festival appearances have included Musique Action, Instal,
Amplify, Densites, Fruits d'Mhere, High Zero, and Improvised and

Rainey has also performed the works of Christian Wolff (with the
composer), John Cage, and Cornelius Cardew and is the orchestral
arranger for pop artists Damon and Naomi.

"I've decided to stop using the word 'music'. I'm replacing it with
'Rainey'." Wayne Rogers, _Twisted Village_

"The sax blows, stutters; it does not produce notes but, rather,
sounds; indeed, better, words. Rainey pours forth authentic passion
and self control that stand alone in contemporary music." Stephano I.
Bianchi, _Blow Up_

"Rainey is a player of exceptional control and thoughtful expression."
Michael Rosenstein, _Cadence_

"Rainey (has an) utterly distinct approach to playing the soprano
saxophone, an intensely physical determination to take the instrument
beyond all obvious limits. He works outside of idiom, pummeling a
column of breath, eliciting refracted tones, overblowing ferociously.
Closer to Antonin Artaud than Sidney Bechet." Julian Cowley, _The

More information at: http://bhobrainey.net/

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