2/3/09: Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens (Reed Wallsmith, Sly Pig, Tim DuRoche, and Bob Jones) will be performing Tuesday, February 3 at Valentines (232 SW Ankeny Street in Portland) along with Oakland’s Painted Cakes and Portland’s own Bird Costumes. Music at 9 pm.

On the menu: Free Improvisation for a Brave New World. Shades and flavors recalling revolutionary jazz from the nostalgic era of late-60s Vietnam escalation, when fire, beauty, freedom and raw story-telling was a powerful currency in film, popular music and on the street and jazz was still a threat to the Man. Ah the good old days.

The Willamette Week’s Whitney Hawke gives it a high-five: “More exciting for Portlanders is the rare appearance of local gems Better Homes and Gardens—an orchestral indie ensemble comprised of members from Blue Cranes, the Decemberists and Evolutionary Jass Band.”

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