12/15: Big House Show

Merce Cunningham Duo
It Do
Lord Uncooked
Michael Bruce
Smoke and Mirrors
Celestville (or insert new name?)
Why I Must Fly! Fly!
Sarah&Michael Duo (Truck Truck Nightingales? Waves of Ocelots?)

and maybe...
Mustaphamond (modified?)
Speechless Brothers(???)

The timeline will look like this:
Potluck for those interested at 6pm.
Music to start some time around 7pm.
Please let me know if you can't make it this early!!!
I guess sets should be around 10-20 minutes or so, less or more is
fine, of course...

Our House:
5506 NE Hoyt (55th 1 block N of Glisan)
Big pink house.

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