4/24: Matt Carlson & Freebox

Portland New Music Society
on Tuesday April 24th @ Valentines 232 SW Ankeny
Starting 8pm


Matt Carlson
performing electronic works of his own and an early Philip Glass piece
called "One Plus One." (bio below)

Freebox- featuring Asa Gervich-Drums, Shane Ronet-Sax, Heather Vergotis-Sax,
JP Jenkins-Guitar

And for anybody interested we will be reading through a graphic score by
Stobbe. Please bring an instrument if you are interested/willing to
perfrom this piece-and if you know what a diminished scale is.

Look forward to an Improvisor's Ad Hoc next month, upcoming listening
Parties and the 1 year anniversary BBQ Party (june).


Matt Carlson is a musician, composer, and sound artist living in
Portland, OR. He has been involved in the Northwest improvised music
community for over 5 years playing synthesizer/electronics, and in 2004 was
a founding member of the Gallery 1412 collective and venue in Seattle. As a
composer he has written music for the Seattle Chamber Players, St. Helens
String Quartet, and Artha New Music Ensemble as well as his own ensembles.
He is a member of both the minimalist electronic trio Bonus, and
experimental pop band Parenthetical Girls, both of whom have extensively
toured the U.S. and released albums on labels such as Collective Jyrk,
Slender Means Society, and Root Strata, as well as his own Bucket Factory
label. His work has covered an all-encompassing range spanning the areas of
Contemporary Classical, Musique Concrete, Avant-Garde Pop, Minimalist Drone,
and Electro-Acoustic Improvisation. In 2005 he received a BM in Music
Composition from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where he studied
with Jarrad Powell and Jim Knapp.
His music can be found at www.bucketfactory.com

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